Craig’s List Finds, Part 1

For a while now the hubs and I have been on a redecorating kick.  Since we can’t paint our apartment we’re trying to make it homey and inviting in as many other ways as possible.  When we moved into this apartment I initiated a “no new Ikea furniture” rule.  Basically I was getting sick of having the exact same furniture as all of our friends.  From then on out Ikea would be strictly for accessories.  Which fortunately for the hubs includes his beloved Ribba frames.  More on that later.

Back to the title of this post.  We had been looking for a new table for quite some time.  The one we previously had was definitely more country than our style.  We had been eyeing these Parsons tables from West Elm for quite some time when the hubs stumbled upon a mint condition one on Craig’s List.  And the best part: it was listed for $50.  Considering we sold our severely outdated table for $100 (and then another $40 for the chairs) this purchase was definitely a win.

For the chairs I wanted something comfy.  Hubs wanted something modern.  All of his picks just seemed more stylish than comfortable, so we finally agreed on these West Elm ‘Cody’ chairs.  After the $90 gain on selling the table and redeeming Amex points for West Elm gift cards these puppies set us back 60 bucks total.  And picking them up in store not only saved us the delivery costs, but also saved us the online backorder wait.  Score.  

The chairs look strikingly similar to the computer chair we got a while back, but what can I say?  We like what we like.

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