Craig’s List Finds, Part 2

The hardest piece of furniture for the hubs and I to find has hands down been a bed frame and headboard.  As we’re taking a stroll through CB2 one afternoon we notice this little guy and decide right then and there that our search is over.  Finally.  We’ve been looking for far too long.  The next day hubs sends me a link to a Craig’s List ad.  It’s the bed we had seen the day before, being sold for half the price of retail.  Are you kidding?

The hubs contacts the seller and apparently they’ve had this bed for three months and are moving.  Sold.  A couple of days later this baby was ours.  Well, ours and the dog’s.

I love the ledge which makes a perfect spot for my Nook.

Also notice the picture above the bed.  That’s one of the hub’s photos he took in Iceland last September.

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