Fabric Softener

You know how when a child is sick most mothers say something along the lines of, “I wish I could be sick for you” or they would gladly take whatever burden their child carried?

Yea, I didn’t say that.  But somehow Brady’s hives disappeared and started appearing on me.  I woke up Monday morning last week covered in hives.  Thinking back to the day before I couldn’t remember coming in contact with any shellfish (the only thing I’ve known to give me hives).  Did whatever cause an outbreak in Brady cause an outbreak in me?  I couldn’t take any Benadryl because I couldn’t risk falling asleep at work.  We had a busy day!

By the time I got to work the itch cream I was using had cleared up the majority of the hives.

As soon as I got home from work I changed out of my work clothes and put on my comfy pj’s.  Within a couple of minutes I noticed the hives appearing.  Took a Benadryl.  Hives got worse.  Took another Benadryl.  Fell into a deep sleep.

Tuesday morning I wake up with hands so swollen I thought I was going to have to cut off my wedding rings.  Hives all over, but much worse than the previous day.  Now I’m starting to get a little worried.  Once again I can’t take a Benadryl because it’s another busy day at work and I can’t risk narcolepsy.

While telling my mom the tale of my hives she suggests maybe it’s the laundry place where we send our laundry out to get cleaned.  I can’t imagine it’s them since they’ve been doing our laundry for nearly a year with no issues.  I call and they say no, they haven’t switched detergents.  Dead end.

Hubs suggests bed bugs.  IS THE MAN NUTS?  Don’t ever tell your already paranoid wife you think we might have bed bugs.  How come he hasn’t had any bites?  His research says that not everyone reacts, so he might be getting bit, just without the bumps.  Images of bed bugs and fleas start racing through my mind.  Insert freak out.

We get home that night and immediately run to the bedroom to look for bedbugs.  Nothing.  We turned that mattress upside down and scoured it with a fine tooth comb.  Nothing.

Meanwhile I get a call back from the laundry place.  The lady that answered the phone talked to the man who picks up our laundry.  Apparently he ran out of detergent over the weekend.  To make it until their next detergent delivery he bought more at a local store.  The one he got had fabric softener in it and then when they washed our laundry added even more softener.  They came the next morning to pick up all of our laundry and wash it free of charge.

When we got our laundry back re-cleaned my hives miraculously stopped appearing.

It appears that I have very delicate skin that does not appreciate copious amounts of fabric softener.  I fully appreciate our laundry service owning up to the issue and re-doing our laundry.  We plan on continuing to give them our business, but maybe with instructions to skip the softener.

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