College Dining Halls

When I was in college I avoided the dining hall at all costs. We basically had three options: tasteless burgers, “home style” food that was left out all day under heat lamps or a pathetic salad bar that made me sick. Yes, physically sick.

I would have to get pretty creative when it came to eating meals there. And then I would take whatever money my parents gave me and used it toward getting food elsewhere. On really lucky days my dad would order me a pizza and the girls on my floor would flock to my room.

So I find it funny that a couple of years later I’m sneaking in to the NYU college campus to eat in their dining hall. Let me explain…

There is only one Chick-Fil-A in all of New York City. There is not one in the surrounding suburbs or within easy reach. And the one Chick-Fil-A that resides on the island of Manhattan just happens to be in the NYU dining hall. A couple of weeks back one of my co-workers went to sneak in and get us all breakfast but guess what?! They’re only open for lunch! Then last week we tried to go for lunch and they were closed for Spring Break! Spring Break!!!

Finally we got a chance to go this week. The three of us had to sneak past the security guard and act calm and collected like we were students. Including the one of us that has a head of gray hair. Premature graying people!

We got our chicken and were happy as a couple of young adults who just snuck onto a college campus could possibly be. Until someone took a big ol’ bite of chicken and bit straight into a wad of hair. I guess that’s what I should have expected in fast food at a college campus?

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