Learning a New Language

I’ve always wanted to know more than one language. I think it’s so cool when people grow up speaking two languages, so easily switching back and forth.

Then yesterday a friend and I are taking a midday stroll, enjoying the beautiful weather. I stopped in Starbucks to pick up a Grande Iced Non-fat Caramel Macchiato. First off, I always feel ridiculous ordering a drink with so many descriptive words. But it just tastes so good.

As we’re leaving my friend starts ranting about how it’s impossible to get a regular coffee from Starbucks. And I’m all, “What do you mean? Of course you can!”

He continues, “I went in the other day and asked for a regular coffee and they looked at me like I had two heads!”

I have to admit I was a little stunned. This is Manhattan, land of the Starbucks on every corner. I explain that you can’t say ‘regular coffee’. You have to say ‘Grande Pike’s Place’.

This is where it got confusing. He’s all, “Grande what now? Pike who?”

I give him a quick rundown of Starbucks terminology:

Tall: Small
Grande: Medium
Venti: Large
Pike’s Place: Starbuck’s house blend

Apparently Starbucks has been teaching me a new language all along and I had no idea.

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