I’m Back!

Back from where?  My blogging break.  I’ve been fairly busy the past couple of weeks between having visitors and work and catching up with daily life in between.  Oh and staying dry.  It’s only rained every day for the last week and is forecasted to rain at least seven of the next ten days.  Did I ever mention that I hate all seasons but summer?

Give me sweltering temperatures any day.  This rain and cold every day is no better than the snow and freezing temperatures.

So I’ve been keeping busy with lots of baking.  Whenever something’s happening I automatically get signed up to make cake pops.

I baked these Easter Egg cake pops (along with Thin Mint Truffles) for Easter.  And let me just say this was an Easter I won’t soon be forgetting.

They were a huge hit with the three and under crowd.

And speaking of three and under, my landlord’s son was turning three last week.  Hubs and I decided that we’re going to try to ride out the remaining one year, three months, twenty days, thirteen hours and seven minutes of our lease.  But who’s counting?

I decided in an effort to make nice to send over a couple pops.  It seemed to work fairly well because since then we’ve had no bad encounters with them. 

I’ll be knocking on some serious wood that we can make it through the remainder of this lease drama free.  Here’s to hoping.

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