Back to the Books

Hubs and I have been reading more than ever in the past couple of months.  Remember when he got me the Nook for my birthday last year?  It has been by far the most used gift that I have ever received.  Besides maybe the car my parents got me for my sixteenth birthday.

Let’s recap: car, Nook.

Oh and the dog.  He was a birthday gift.  Except instead of using him to read books and drive around town I mostly pay his medical expenses and take him on walks.  Lots of walks.  And then pick up his poop.  And then pay more medical bills.

The joys of dog ownership.  They are endless.  Especially when your dog sneaks out of your room in the middle of the night to sleep by himself in the guestroom.  WHAT?  IS THE QUEEN BED WE UPGRADED TO BECAUSE YOU TOOK UP SO MUCH SPACE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?

This is seriously not where I was going with this post.  Back to the books!

I’ve been trying to stretch myself and read things I normally would have never picked up.  I started with the Millennium Trilogy and moved on to Water for Elephants, The Help, The Glass Castle (and the list goes on).  All worth reading, FYI.  Then the hubs decides to re-read The Great Gatsby.  We’d both read it in high school and decided to give this classic another look. 

Let me tell you- it has been so fun reading this book together.  We’ve read the same books before, but never at the same time.  We found ourselves enjoying dinner on Saturday night and talking about the book in detail.  Similar to in high school when you spent hours dissecting the symbolism, except this time it was over wine and fondue.

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