Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Last week in Water Polo I reached monumental milestone in my life. I scored a goal. Not once in my life have I ever scored a goal in a team sport. I’ve assisted goals, I’ve played defense and I’ve warmed the bench, but never have I ever scored a goal.

Not in soccer in elementary. Or in field hockey in middle or high school. NEVER. I did just fine in tennis, but you can earn points when the opponent messes up.

So here’s how it went down: I was up playing offense for the first time in my water polo career. For some reason I always got put in defense, and had a generally hard time flipping the heavier competitors. Somehow, someway I got put up by the goal and I had the ball in my possession. But I was afraid, so I just held the ball until one of my male teammates caught up with me, passed the ball and he scored.

I felt super great that I got an assist, and didn’t even have my eyes set on a goal. Then next thing I know I’m up at the goal again, the ball in my possession and it’s just me and the goalie. And five seconds left on the clock. I decide to just throw it for all I’ve got. And guess what!!

The goalie caught it.

And then fumbled!!!! GOAL!!!!!

AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!! Well, not so much. By crowd I mean teammates and by wild I mean they said “Good job.” But it still felt great!

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