When we adopted Brady three years ago we were told he had

When we adopted Brady three years ago we were told he had some beagle in him.  Besides a killer nose and a knack for getting himself into mischief, we haven’t seen many beagle traits.  Oh, and he howls.  At fire trucks. 

This trait has been a serious crowd pleaser.  When he was a puppy and we were walking through a very crowded Union Square and a fire engine passed Brady started howling away.  Literally everyone around us stopped and laughed at this tiny little puppy howling at a siren.

Since then we’ve been slightly obsessed with him howling.  Originally we thought he howled because the sirens hurt his ears.  But after a little bit of Wikipedia research we learned that it’s actually something that goes back to when dogs and wolves traveled in packs.  When one dog would wake up it would howl, and the other pack members would howl in response to let the first dog know their location.

So the sirens don’t hurt his ears!?  This is the best news ever!  And this brings me to playing videos of sirens on YouTube and having Brady howl for non-stop entertainment.  

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