Reason Number 459 Why I Love My Apartment

When our landlords told us they were hitting the beaches in Hawaii for two weeks hubs and I were pumped.  Two whole drama free weeks.  That is until I wake up the day after they leave to a cold shower. 

Hubs gets an inkling that their water heater is dying and leaves the bathwater running for an extended period of time.  Which of course is making me uncomfortable wasting so much water.  We let the water run for close to 20 minutes and it barely reached luke warm.  Clearly there is some heating of water, but no water is getting hot enough to have a comfortable shower.

This is where our dilemma kicks in: do we contact the landlords who already don’t like us while they’re on vacation.  And if we reach them can anything actually be done considering the water heater is in their apartment which we don’t have access to?

I took my situation to Facebook and everyone said we should say something.

I agreed, but ultimately we decided that keeping the peace is more important to us than warm showers and never sent them a message.  Besides, I had fears that they’d be all, “The water is warm enough!” on us, just like they were about the heat.  You know- chalk us up as people who get cold far too frequently.  And complain a lot.

Then last night I went to the spa with one of my girlfriends and after our massages we decided to hop in the showers to wash off the massage oils.  When my friend saw me taking my hair down out of my ponytail she was all, “You’re going to wash your hair?”

Yes.  I haven’t had hot water in two weeks.  I’ll take a hot shower wherever I can get it.

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