A Food Delivery Revelation

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on this site, but my sister lives in New Zealand.  I’ve mostly  not mentioned it because the main readers of this site are my mom and my sister and I’m pretty sure they already know.  But anyways, she’s lived there for five years and has been married to a Kiwi for over three of them.

So when she emailed me a couple months back and asked if she knew of any hostels her friends could stay in during their visit to New York I knew I had two options.  Either Google hostels since I’d never stayed in one (you know, having an apartment and all) or offer up my place for them to stay.  Considering we have a two bedroom apartment I decided to go with the latter. 

It’s been funny seeing New York through their eyes.  Or not even New York but the United States in general.  We were all watching tv one night and I paused the DVR during a conversation and then fast forwarded through the commercials.  The girls were stunned.  I do believe they referred to it as “TV on crack”.

They’ve been shopping up a storm, impressed with the great deals they’re finding.  In New York! 

When we ordered take out one night they were shocked at how quickly it arrived and then at the large portions.  I’d say that food delivery about sums up the difference between Kiwis and Americans:  we want everything bigger and better and we want it now.

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