LA Bound, Philly Grounded

Hubs has been in Los Angeles all week and I was scheduled to fly out and meet him last night.  We figured we might as well take advantage of a long weekend and turn it into a mini getaway. 

Unfortunately hubs couldn’t get me a direct flight so I flew New York to Philly to LA.  The first leg of the flight was fairly seamless.  The flight was delayed an hour but in the scheme of my day that flight was practically early.

When I get to Philly I change terminals and board my plane fairly quickly.  And then we sat at the gate for an hour.  Okay, breathe, we’re pulling away from the gate.

And then we sit on the runway.  And sit on the runway a little more.  Oh and did I mention we sat on the runway?

We sat for just under three hours and were given two crackers.  The legal maximum for sitting on the runway is three hours so they brought us back to the gate with promises of refueling the plane and then we’d be off. 

Everyone got off the plane, stretched, got food and magazines.  After waiting an hour in the terminal we reboarded.  And then guess what we did?!?

Oh yea, we sat on the runway.  The pilot tells us there are about twenty planes in front of us and we should be at the front of the line in an hour.

Fast forward an hour and the pilot comes on and tells us there are about twenty planes in front of us and it should be about an hour.

I’m sorry, is this Groundhog’s Day?

Then the most remarkable thing happens: our runway closes.  CLOSES.  That’s right, not a single plane can go anywhere.  So guess what happens next?


Finally, six hours after our scheduled take off we have air.  My simple trip from New York to LA took me all in all sixteen hours.  DID YOU HEAR ME?  I SAID SIXTEEN HOURS.  I spent TWELVE of them on one plane. 

The silver lining in this situation is that I have a great recommendation for an MP3 Player.  I mean this thing has a battery pack and volume unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  The college kid next to me blasted heavy metal FOR TWELVE HOURS STRAIGHT.  HE DIDN’T EVEN GET UP ONCE TO USE THE BATHROOM.  TWELVE HOURS.  I was just waiting for the battery on that damn thing to die but no, it was fully charged. 

Silver lining?  Oh for sure.

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