While the Parents are Away, Brady Will Play

While the hubs and I were vacationing in California the pup got to have a mini getaway of his own.  We sent him to his girlfriend Lucy’s house, with the condition that they would of course be supervised at all times.  We don’t want any episodes of 16 and Pregnant in our future.  The fact that neither dog is actually capable of having little Brady and Lucy’s is beside the point.  I like to think of myself as a helicopter parent none the less. 

Brady was in for a bit of a treat when Lucy’s parents decided to take them camping.  A whole weekend of swimming in a lake!?  Brady was in little doggie heaven.

Except for the fact that the ticks are out in full force and we can’t use chemical flea and tick repellents.  The all natural stuff we got him practically encouraged the ticks to come try a nibble.  The campers were pulling ticks off of Brady left and right.

We’ve found no less than five ticks on the boy since he’s returned home.  Hubs is becoming quite the pro at tick removal.

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