Thanks for Buying Today’s Deal

For the past couple of weeks the hubs and I have been discussing where we’d like to spend our Christmas holiday.  Naturally we’d like to choose a warm and tropical destination, but the exact details are far from being nailed down.

So when I received this email from Living Social yesterday afternoon I started clicking away in hopes of getting more details.  The price looked reasonable, except I was perplexed as to why the 2 adults package cost $400 more than the 2 adults and 2 kids package. 

Naturally I selected the adults with kids package so I could investigate the price difference.  I wanted to see black out dates, room type, food packages…the whole nine.  

There I am at my desk, just clicking, clicking, clicking.  Next thing I know I see a message indicating I bought the package.  For two adults and two children.

You see, a couple of weeks back I had bought a white water rafting package off of Living Social and apparently they had kept my credit card information on file.  Along the lines of me clicking, clicking, clicking away I accidentally authorized a $1,440 Cancun getaway.

After a mini-panic attack I called their 800 number and between giggles of, “I can’t believe what I just did” I had explained my situation and had the charge reversed.  But not before the man on the other end of the line had a good laugh at my expense.

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