My Sensitive Boy

No not the hubs, although I should mention he’s not so fond when I ask him if he really needs to eat all that food.

I’m talking about my other boy, the pup of course.  Saturday night a couple of us went to Brooklyn for the opening of our friend’s bar, Two Door Tavern.  We enjoyed tons of great food and even more great drink.  The Cucumber Agave Margarita might just be one of the greatest drinks of summer.

Fast forward to Sunday morning- I may have had a wee bit of a headache.  Normally on weekends the pup is jumping on me by 7am ready for a walk and some play time with his doggie friends.  But my boy Brady must have known his Momma wasn’t feeling so hot and he let me sleep in past 10am. 

So the boy either has amazing intuition and knew to leave me alone because he knew I wasn’t feeling well, or I just smelled really bad and he physically couldn’t get any closer.

Either way it was a win for me.  As his reward for letting me sleep in I let him share my pizza breakfast.  Win-win.

The sensitive boy and his favorite purple sock.

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