Three Hundred Seventy

For months now my office has been planning to take part in JPMorgan’s Corporate Challenge.  Every year JPMorgan challenges businesses to participate in the 3.5 mile (5.63km) run.  When the emails went out a couple of months back I quickly deleted them and played an intense game of denial.

Sign ups came and went and I “missed” the registration dates.  Meanwhile all of my coworker friends had signed up and I vowed to cheer them on afterward at the bar. 

I get to work Monday morning and everyone is getting their Corporate Challenge t-shirts.  What the heck?  I want one of those!  They were actually pretty well designed.  I guess I should have seen that coming, you know- working for a clothing company and all. 

Finally Wednesday arrives and everyone’s talking non-stop about the Corporate Challenge.  I find out that a couple people dropped out and there are extra spaces available in the race.

A couple of my coworkers started trying to convince me to run.  Without thinking I find myself walking down the hall and signing up to run the race.  The race that was starting in four hours.

I walked back to my desk with t-shirt in hand and my number to pin on my shirt.  As I sit down my boss looks at my number and says, “You know the low number means you’re in the best running class.”

Um, pardon me sir?  There are TWENTY THOUSAND people running this race.  Do I need to repeat that that number is a two with four zeros behind it???

Guess what number I am?

Three hundred seventy.  OUT OF TWENTY THOUSAND.

You see, the girl whose spot I took actually is a kick ass runner.  Who got injured.  That’s how I became number 370.  As I was walking to the starting line I barely saw a single red tag.  Literally everyone was staring at me hardcore.

You know they were thinking, “Man that skinny girl must be a great runner.”  Little did they know I bought my running shoes an hour earlier.  I finished the race at roughly 10 minutes a mile which I was beyond pumped about.  Considering I was a girl who has not gone on anything faster than a brisk walk in ages I’d say that’s not too bad.

I can only imagine how many people passed me and thought I told a big fat lie about my ability to run a mile.

P.S. I had the hubs remove my company name from the top of the shirt, so if it looks a little off that’s why.  I wanted to keep my promise to never blog about my job…you know, so I still have one on Monday.

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