Thin Mint Cake in a Jar

I haven’t baked in forever, I know.  Earlier last week I had co-workers asking when the next round of cake pops were coming and then when the hubs came home that night and said his co-workers were asking the same thing I’m all, “Enough already people!!  They take inspiration AND TIME.”

I’m an artist, these things can not be rushed.

Unless you pay me.  Then I’ll rush. 

So Saturday Kelly’s mom was throwing her a surprise birthday party and I of course volunteered to bring a dessert.  And then I gave up White Water Rafting tickets and stood up two other birthdays and one going away party.  I LIKE YOU THAT MUCH, KELLY. 

I decided to deviate from the usual cake pop and opt for cake in a jar.  Why?  Because it’s awesome and it’s cake that’s in a jar, THAT’S WHY. 

Funny story: since we live in the city and people don’t can their own jellies and preserves mason jars are next to impossible to find.  So while the hubs was out in the land of suburbia I sent him to Wally World to pick me up a case.  And he got the wrong size.  Doesn’t he know I can’t make cake in a jar in the wrong size jar???

He’s all, “Why can’t you just make bigger cake?”  And I’m all, “Don’t you know anything?  Then it won’t be single serving, then I’ll have to make double the cake AND THEN IT WON’T BE CUTE.”  And yes, it required me to type in caps locks four times in this one post.  Cake in a jar is no joke people.

But don’t worry, after going to ten million stores and finally driving to a Target I found the right size.  Ladies and gentlemen, Thin Mint Cake in a Jar:

Tell me this doesn’t look like a good time in a jar:

Lids on and ready to go:

It’s unfortunate I was too lazy to bring any leftovers home so the co-workers won’t be getting any cake in a jar.

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