A Historic Town and a Super WalMart

Hubs and I took an extended weekend and traveled down to historic Williamsburg, Virginia with the in-laws.  I didn’t actually ever make it into the Colonial Williamsburg tourist trap, but where I did go was even better- Super WalMart.

WalMart is a big deal to a city slicker like myself, okay?  I mean, they just had canning jars lining the aisles.  Do you remember my plight trying to find canning jars in New York??

I had gotten it into my head that I would be making Oreo Truffles for the family and headed to Super WalMart to pick up the necessary items.  As I’m driving there I notice the light to change the oil comes on.  The one that came on two weeks ago when I used the car.  Clearly the hubs does not care that our car could explode at any moment.

IT COULD HAPPEN.  And my obituary would read, “She just wanted to get canning jars and oreos.”

Obviously I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I’d hand the car keys over to the fine folks in the Super WalMart Lube Center and be on my way.  Only problem: Language Barrier. 

The lady behind the counter spoke English, but she spoke Southern English.  Do I need to connect the dots?  She had a ridiculous southern accent.  Oh, and she was asking me questions about the car.  Talk about adding insult to injury.

She’s all “Wah wah wah, wah wah wah” and I’m all, “Huh?  What did you say?”  I finally decipher that she’s asked me what type of oil change I want.  Um, basic?  She buys my answer and moves on to the next question.  She’s all “Wah wah wah, wah wah wah” and I’m all, “Huh?  What did you say?”  This time I decipher, “Make and Model”.  YES!  I totally know this one!

The conversation goes on like this for quite a while before I finally get to hand her my keys and be on my way.  By the time I returned at 9am I had gotten the hubs breakfast, coffee, gone grocery shopping and gotten the oil changed.  Apparently I’m more like my mom than I realized.

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