The Dangers of Reading

A couple weeks ago hubs and I were lazily strolling along when we passed a Barnes and Noble and he decided he wanted to check out the brand new touchscreen Nook.  He’d been blabbering about the specs for a while and I was all, “I don’t need it, I love the one I have.” 

Then we get to the store and I get it in my hands.  It’s so much smaller than the one I have!  It doesn’t have the bottom screen portion and is noticeably thinner.  Since I tend to hold the Nook with one hand it’s been hurting my wrist a bit.  THERE ARE REAL DANGERS IN READING, PEOPLE.

So then last weekend the hubs comes home from running errands and announces that he has a surprise for me.  A surprise!!  For me?  You must love me!

I spent the remainder of the weekend downloading and reading new books while letting the hubs watch baseball. 

See?  I love him too.

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