Watermelon Salsa

This weekend was by far the biggest heat wave we’ve had all summer.  In an attempt to keep the city from a blackout certain areas had their voltage lowered.  Meaning we couldn’t have the tv on at the same time as the air conditioner.

That reminds me: I moved to New York City shortly after the blackout of 2003 and always thought a blackout sounded like so much fun.  Until I realized that it would be a million degrees with no air conditioning.  Then I decided it didn’t sound like so much fun after all.

Sunday we had plans for a BBQ at a friends house and in attempts to make something refreshing came across this Watermelon Salsa recipe.  It was such a crowd pleaser- you wouldn’t expect the watermelon, but it really was a nice touch.

Just a hint if you decide to tackle this recipe: don’t cut the jalapenos and then the onions.  You may start crying from cutting the onions and then stick your jalapeno finger in your eye.  And it might just burn unbearably when you do this.  Not that I did this or anything.

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