Birthday Shoes

I’m not sure why this didn’t get posted two months ago, you know, when it was my birthday but better late than never.  Right?  Okay, I totally don’t live with that motto because punctuality is my middle name.  Right after Elizabeth.

For my birthday this year I forced strongly suggested that the hubs buy me the most sparkly shoes I’ve ever seen.  I mean, what girl doesn’t want a pair of these babies?

At first he thought I was a little nuts and didn’t believe me.  And then when I started talking about them in my sleep he began to realize I was serious.  So I get them and I love them.  I wear them with shorts, dresses, ripped jeans, pajama pants.  You didn’t think I would wear slippers, did you?

That’s when good old Jean comes to visit and starts laughing hysterically.  She thinks they’re the most impractical things she’s ever seen. 

I tend to think she may be the pot calling the kettle black.  I mean, wasn’t she the one that used a Wii Fit to fix the blinds, cut nine holes in the ceiling and called 911 because she saw a bat?

These shoes don’t seem so ridiculous after all.

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