Extreme Sports

I’m back in Chincoteague for our annual family vacation (see last year here, here and here). The other night we played some carnival type games and I totally kicked butt. And by kicked butt I mean played a mediocre game of ring toss and let my sister win. You know, it’s good for her ego and all.

Also, I’m pretty sure she told a little kid that he was a cheater and I didn’t want to experience that. Or maybe I’m just not coordinated and she won fair and square. I’ll let you decide.

The sister’s winning ring toss:

And then the sister gloating at her win.

I’m pretty sure this game is not actually called ring toss but since I was tossing a ring I’m going to go ahead and take the liberty to call it ring toss.

My sissy then went on to win (and gloat about) a ginormous game of tic tac toe against Jean. Good work cheating sissy.

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