Muller’s Ice Cream Parlour

Muller’s is my absolute favorite ice cream place in the whole wide world.  The shop itself takes up the first level of a beautiful old home.  The ice cream is home made and oh so delicious.  Muller’s is always the first stop on our list when we visit Chincoteague.


  1. Greg Lynn says:

    Hi!! Glad you love Muller’s! My family has owned it since 1985.

    One small correction: Our ice cream is not home made on the premises. But ALL ice cream is supplied from Pennsylvania dairy farms. Including Bassett’s, the oldest ice cream company in the United States (since 1861!)

    We now sell sundaes topped with BACON!!! AND my personal favorite is our Hot Butter Pecan Sundae. Butter Pecan caked in diced pecans, then topped with 2 tablespoons of melted butter! WHOA! 🙂 TTYL – Greg

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