A Tad Early

A couple of years ago I may have stolen one of hubs’s best friends from high school to be one of my friends.  When we were living in Maryland I started chatting with Michelle and we quickly became good friends.  It always made me laugh when she would reminisce on the high school hubs that I had never known.  Besides his family I didn’t really know anyone that had known him that far back.

At the time we became close Michelle and her husband were in the process of adopting but had not yet been chosen by a birth mother.  Two months after we moved to New York they became overnight parents to beautiful baby Levi.  Michelle has time and time (and time again) brought me to tears with her amazing story and the faith that got her through her journey. 

Just watch this video and tell me you didn’t shed a tear.

So between my moving to New York and Michelle being a new mom nearly a year went by and we had yet to meet precious little Levi.  We had been in their neck of the woods when they had been away and they even stayed at our apartment when we were away.  Hubs and I decided that we would drive down to Pennsylvania for Levi’s first birthday.  It was time to finally meet this little man!

And then our lock broke and we had to find a new apartment and everyone in New York hates dogs.  But in the last hour on Friday night we ended up signing a lease and suddenly we were free for the weekend once again.

So we drive all the way down to Pennsylvania, drop the dog off at the in-laws and make our way to the party.  We get to the church where they’re having the party and the parking lot is empty.  And then I glance down at the invitation and realize we’re twenty four hours early.

I’ve always prided myself on being punctual, but being a whole day early is definitely a new record.

Luckily for us Michelle and her family were free to meet up with us, so we got some quality time with them.  Since I forgot my camera all pictures were taken by hubs’s stepfather (who you can find here).

Levi’s first cake pop!

The seal of approval

Levi has been an answer to so many of our prayers and it was such a pleasure to finally get to meet him!

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