For Rent

Some people have been asking about our new apartment, so let me tell you all of the difficulties of finding an apartment in New York with a large small dog.  We looked at about ten apartments in a two day span.  We would see any place that would let us have a dog and was in our price range.  And then we started looking at places that would let us have a dog and was out of our price range.

And then we started stretching the truth and telling people that Brady is a “small” dog.  You see, in New York our 45 pound dog qualifies as large.  In most places that would be well on the medium side of the scale, but in New York that makes him practically a horse.  The average dog in New York is somewhere around 8-10 pounds.  So… Brady’s average dinner.

By the end of the week we had narrowed our search down to two places.  The first was a HUGE two bedroom, fairly new renovations and no back yard.  It was a half mile from the subway and was $500 more than we’re currently paying.  We could definitely afford to increase our budget by that much, but if we were going to go that high we wanted it to be for the perfect place.  Not the place that was really far from the subway and parks (making our 2 walks a day with Brady even more difficult).  Oh, and I should mention that the landlord lived below the unit we would occupy.  A big negative.

The second place we liked was a smaller one bedroom, so a downgrade from our current two bedroom.  However, it was well within our budget, was a block away from the subway and directly across the street from a park.  Ideal location.  It was also much closer to our friends, restaurants, grocery stores and my favorite nail place. 

Okay, being across the street from the nail place wasn’t going to be our deciding factor, but it certainly didn’t hurt.  This place also was a brand new building, meaning we would be the very first people to ever live in our unit.  It has stainless steel appliances and granite countertops and a cute little balcony.  And might I add that the landlord lives an hour away.  Bonus.

While hubs and I were making lists over which place was better I kept pretending we were on an episode of “For Rent” on HGTV.  “Will they go with the much more spacious two bedroom that’s far from transit and above their budget or the brand new unit that’s small but close to transit and in budget?”

We eventually decided to go with the smaller place since it just made more sense for us.  Then we had the obstacle of the dog.  The broker at first was totally fine with our 35 pound dog (yes, he miraculously lost 10 pounds…)  But then she changed her tune and said he sounded more “medium”.  Uh oh.  But after the landlord reviewed our credit and bank statements he okay’d us for the apartment.

Now we just have to pack all of our stuff and get rid of a bedroom set, bookshelf and random things we’ve accumulated over the years to fit into the new place.  Shouldn’t be too hard, right?


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