Flag Pride

Last night hubs and I sat back and rested our tired little selves after quite a productive weekend.  We sold a ton of stuff on Craig’s List, took a couple trips to Goodwill and started packing boxes in preparation for our move.  We sit down feeling quite accomplished and I started flipping through the channels and hubs opens his computer to look at ESPN.com.  He sees a picture of Maryland College Football and starts talking about their uniforms.

Hubs: Besides Texas I have never seen a state that is more obsessed with their state flag.

Me: Yeah, I don’t even know what New York’s flag looks like.

Hubs: It’s a man and a woman standing on either side of a seal.

Me: A SEAL??  Like “ort ort” I’m a seal sitting on a rock?”  I didn’t know New York was even known for its seals!

Hubs: No, like a Seal of Arms.

Me: Oh.  Well you should have specified.

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