Happy Three Years!

Today is the three year mark since hubs decided he could deal with me until death do us part.

Sidenote: It’s also Google’s 13th birthday, so if my calculations are correct that means we got married on Google’s 10th birthday.  I’m pretty sure we should be invited to join in the celebration.

We’ve got a pretty crazy night scheduled.  It will mostly include me in sweatpants watching tv while hubs tries to pack up the apartment around me.  And then I’ll get up, try to pack a box, announce that it’s too much work and sit back down on the couch.

The big move is on Saturday and we’ve got the majority of the apartment packed but it’s those last “little things” that end up not being so little and making me want to crawl into bed with my Harry Potter book and forget about it all.

So here’s to you hubs.  You’ve done what they thought no man could do: survive a third year with me.

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