Pivot! Pivot!

I am fully aware that I have been the world’s worst blogger over the past couple of weeks.  Truth of the matter is I have SO much to tell you and no time to put it into words.  So I dream up what I want to tell you and then never actually post it to the interwebs.

Hubs and I finally moved into our new apartment this weekend.  It feels amazing to be in the new place and slowly but surely we’re getting set up.  Here’s what moving day looked like:

I had to meet the new landlord at the apartment at 10am.  Before I went to meet him I took Brady to a play date at Melissa’s so he wouldn’t get underfoot while we were moving. 

I meet up with the landlord and we’re walking around the apartment and he sees Brady’s food bowl on the floor.  He points at it and in his thick Greek accent says, “What’s this?”

Me: Dog food.

Him: For a dog?

Me: Um, yea.

Him: No dog!  No dog!

Me: Yes dog! Yes dog!

Uh oh.  Do I have another landlord situation?  It turns out that we have two landlords, one of which approved our dog and one of which had no idea.  Fantastic.  Lucky for us we have a lease that allows us to have a dog.  Booyah.

Dog situation: thwarted.

So I head back to the old apartment where the movers are loading our stuff into the truck.  I picked up the heaviest boxes gave moral support to the movers.

Finish up there, head over to the new apartment.  Our couch won’t fit through the hall to get into our apartment.  It got all the way up to the third floor and just wouldn’t pivot properly through the doorway.


Please watch this if you don’t know what I’m referring to.

Did I forget to mention that this happened to us two years ago?  Our couch didn’t fit at our old apartment so we got this one.  Which does not fit into this apartment.

But keeping things into perspective, we’re in our new apartment and love it to pieces.  I promise I’ll take pictures and update you along the way.

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