Fast Flats

Hubs and I are fairly settled in the new place and have a beautiful new couch on order.  Unfortunately for us other people also think the couch is beautiful so it’s back ordered.

Womp womp.

So we sit on our dining room chairs a bit longer.  Hubs didn’t go for my suggestion to move the coffee table and bring sleeping bags into the middle of the room to set up a cozy area on the floor.  It’s like camping, but indoors!

Since our apartment building is brand spanking new a couple of things have yet to be completed.  Like turning the hot water on.  For the past twelve days hubs and I have suffered through cold showers.  We expected it to last a day or two, a week tops.  But here we are almost half way through the month still shivering every morning. 

At least this time the landlord admits that there is no hot water and didn’t yell at us about how we’re the world’s worst tenants.  For compensation we’ve only had to pay half a month’s rent, which I was totally stoked about when I thought we’d certainly get hot water in a timelier manner.  Now I want hot water.

Finally fed up from taking cold showers I marched myself down to my company’s HR department and picked up a couple gym trial memberships.  I got up this morning, put on my gym clothes and headed to the gym next door to my office.  I walked right past the work out equipment and straight into the showers.  And had a glorious hot shower.  It was like the angels were singing. 

I did my hair, my make up, threw the towel in the towel bin (I don’t have to wash the towel!!) and went to get dressed.  Then I realized I forgot my work shoes.  All I had was a pair of clunky gym shoes. 

Oh no, I really did not want to be one of those people.  The ones that commute to work in their business suit and gym shoes.

In a small stroke of genius on my part (this is my blog, I get to call myself genius if I feel like it) I hopped into the Walgreens right next to the gym and picked up a pair of “Fast Flats”.  They’re basically super super thin ballet flats that are marketed toward women who want to have a tiny pair of shoes they can throw into their bag and change into after wearing heels all day.

They’re not the cute pair of shoes I had picked out for today, but they are definitely better than my “Old Lady Commuter” look.

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