Becoming Jean

Did your mom ever tell you something so many times that it became ingrained in your head so deeply you thought everyone must know this as well?

Like when we cleaned the bathrooms she would remind us that cleaning the sink faucet was one of the most important steps.  It really polishes the bathroom.  And to always clean the baseboards.  My mom has a real passion for clean baseboards.

Or to load the dishwasher starting in the back.  I’m pretty sure to this day my mom will remind me to load it from the back first, even though I always do.  It just makes sense people!

One thing my mom would do on a regular basis was put our things she wanted us to take upstairs on the stairs.  And then as we would run up to our rooms she would remind us, “Take your things off the stairs!”

It just became how it was.  She reminded us so many times that eventually she didn’t have to remind us anymore.  We would just take our things that were on the stairs.

So now that I’m married and living on my own I put things next to the door for hubs to take out to the garbage or put in his car.  And he doesn’t.  And I keep thinking, “Why is he not taking those with him?  I put them next to the door.”

It took me quite some time (okay, just now) to realize that leaving things on the stairs was something only my mom did, not all moms.  So this unspoken communication of, “take your crap when you go” stops at me.

Now I’m left with the question, “How do I get hubs to take his stuff with him without sounding like a nag?”

I guess I write about it on the internet and hope he pays attention. 

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