Wait…Did We?

The other night hubs and I were talking about how badly Brady has us wrapped around his little paw.  The conversation ended up here:

Hubs: If we were getting married now I would let Brady be the ring bearer in the wedding.  We could stand at the end of the aisle and he would run down to us.

Me: US???  The ring bearer doesn’t come after the bride!

Hubs: Oh, he doesn’t?  I don’t know these things.  We didn’t have a ring bearer…  Did we?

Me: DID WE??

Hubs: Uhhh, uhhh… I can’t think of who it would have been.  Did we?  Did we!!?

(long pause)

Hubs: I don’t remember these things because I could only concentrate on you.

Me: Good save.

(For the record we did not have a ring bearer, but it was fun to see hubs sweat about it for a minute.)

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