Didn’t See this Coming

Last week, after six weeks of taking showers at the gym, not cooking and having no heat we finally got our gas turned on.  I got home to this sight and could have not been more ecstatic:

Hubs went to pull out the check book and write a check for rent minus the 11 days we went without gas.  I suggested we wait until they ask for the rent, because who knows- maybe they’ll only ask for half a month.

Fast forward five days and we still haven’t heard from the landlord about rent.  When we get home from work last night there was a letter under our door.

It said something to the likes of, “Please email us with anything you need fixed in your apartment.  We will have a handyman in the building on Saturday fixing anything you need.  And for the trouble, we will not be charging you rent this month.”

FOR THE TROUBLE?  You’re not charging us rent for a whole month because we went a couple of days without heat and a handyman is coming to fix up things in the apartment?  Seriously, did we go from having the world’s worst landlords to the best?

So I did the only thing I could think of: turn on our working oven and make a cake…

…for celebratory cake pops.

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