Christmas Card Saga

Well… the Christmas cards have been delayed.  I was hoping to post the card today, but that’s not gonna happen.  Last year the cards got delayed because FedEx sucks and this year they’re getting delayed because the printer sucks.

We took the picture this past June.  Yes, six months ago.  And then hubs procrastinated until November to actually work on it.  So by the time we sent it out to the printer we were still on track to send them out in a timely manner.  And then we got them back and they were way too light.  They sucked.

This is the first year we’ve ever had an issue with printing, so this definitely caught us off guard.

We decided they needed to be reprinted so hubs made some tweaks and we sent them to get printed again.  And paid for rush shipping.  And we got them back and they were ridiculously yellow.  They sucked.  At this point I’m about to have a panic attack because we’re leaving for a cruise and will be out of pocket and all we have to show is two messed up versions of our Christmas card.

Our solution: reprint them FOR A THIRD TIME, have them sent to bff Kelly who will stuff the pre-addressed envelopes and mail them out for me.  I’ll try to make an appearance here at the blog to debut the cards once everyone has received them.  It will just cost me a million dollars a minute since we’ll be in the middle of the ocean somewhere.  But I’m dedicated like that.

So while we wait let’s recap the last two years, shall we?

I’m so excited to show you this year’s card.  It was by far our hardest card yet and I hope it doesn’t disappoint.



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