This year I was really inspired by all things nautical.  I’m obsessed with stripes and thought hubs was going to lose it when I kept coming home with countless striped shirts.  So when I was brainstorming ideas for our Christmas card I naturally decided that it should happen on a boat.  With striped shirts.

Luckily my Aunt Joan lives on the bay and enlisted the help of her fabulous neighbor who would lend us his boat.  Unfortunately on our way to his house we got stuck in a ton of traffic and wound up only being able to shoot for a couple of minutes.

Cue the panic attack.  We have a couple of minutes to set up, get a dog to cooperate and get the shot.  We normally leisurely shoot for the better part of an hour, look at our images, shoot some more.

Unlike last year, we couldn’t leave the camera in one spot and Photoshop Brady in.  We were on a boat, ON THE WATER which meant no two pictures were in the exact same spot.

This first picture you can see Jerry, the neighbor getting the boat in place.  He was actually in the water holding the boat for us the whole time.  For the first time ever we had a crew!  I felt like yelling for someone to touch up my hair and makeup.  But then remembered I’m not actually a model. Whomp whomp.

Every year before this one the Christmas card has been something between just the hubs and myself.  It’s almost like a sacred time that we get to set up our cameras, have fun and be creative.  But we had quite an audience this year.  Which can be fairly intimidating.

I’m actually totally smitten by this picture of Brady and me.  If only we could send out a picture without the hubs…

I would like to caption this next one, “I hate my parents.  Love, Brady”

Brady DID NOT want to leave our side in the boat.  A bit of a scaredy cat if you ask me.  So getting him to cooperate and not look completely terrified was a bit of a daunting task.

We took almost all of the pictures with the hubs and I both sitting down.  There’s probably only one or two where he’s standing, but those ones look so much better.  They have more movement and take up more space in the photograph.

Please note Brady licking his face in this picture.  He was licking his face in almost every picture.  Between the boat, the dog, the small amount of time and the crowd of onlookers this picture almost didn’t happen.  Normally we have four or five images that we sort through to choose our favorite.  This year we literally had one.

I’m already brainstorming ideas for next year.  And I have my hopes set real high.

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