We’re Back

Back in New York for five short days before we head down to Pennsylvania for Christmas.  It’s been a crazy couple of days getting in, unpacking, doing laundry, checking my 4 million emails at work, catching up with friends and doing some last minute gift shopping.

Brady was a little bit more than happy to have us home.  He is the opposite of a snuggly dog, and a little bit too big to be considered a lap dog even if he did enjoy a good snuggle.

That’s why it was so funny when he climbed up on hub’s lap when we got home and refused to move.

Speaking of refusing to move, I went to the American Girl store on Sunday.  I needed to pick up a gift and wanted to save the $10 in shipping costs.  As soon as I turned onto 5th Ave I knew I had made a mistake.  The streets were packed and there was a line forming outside of the store just to get in the door.  I finally get into the store, can’t find what I need because half sized humans filled the store from wall to wall.

I literally couldn’t move.  You can’t do the normal New York thing and push people out of the way because they’re children, so I shuffled my way around three floors of doll clothes.  Only to find out that they are sold out of the item I came in for so I had to order it anyways. 

Oh holidays, what a cruel game you play.

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