Where Do Teenagers Shop?

Last weekend I dragged hubs to Long Island to go to the mall.  I know, I am such an amazing wife.  Our mission: find a faux fur vest under $50.  I knew there had to be one out there somewhere, I just couldn’t find it.

We looked in every store I could think of: Forever 21, H&M, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom…nothing.

So I went home empty handed but I wasn’t ready to give up yet.  I had seen plenty online but they were either too expensive or only available in extra larges.  That’s when I finally got desperate and Googled, “Where do teenagers shop?”

I knew there had to be somewhere I was missing.  I checked out Delia’s, Alloy and finally Aeropostale where I found the perfect faux fur vest for a whopping $15.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.

And I only had to loose a tiny bit of dignity and hope no one was tracking my Google history.


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