Toddler Time

Last week I got the opportunity to head up to Syracuse and watch my friend’s daughter for a couple of days.  Momma Emilie and I go way back when to…oh, I don’t know, the third grade.  I photographed Tess almost two years ago in this post.  Two years ago??  Ohmygosh, where has the time gone?

I knew I was up for the challenge of watching a toddler for a couple of days, I mean, I had been a professional nanny after all.  But oh my, I seem to have forgotten how much energy those little tots can have.  How much exactly?  A LOT.  Just take my word on this one.  Let’s just say between a dog, a cat, a tot and more cake pops than I’ve made in one shot this was a very busy week.

Even though last week was one of the most exhausting I’ve had in a long time it was so special.  Emilie and her husband have done such an amazing job raising this sweet little girl and I am blessed to be a part of her life.

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