Cake Pop Making Machine

Last week in Syracuse not only did I have the challenge of watching a two year old, but I had to make 100 cake pops at the same time. When I normally make cake pops I make about 2 dozen.  So the thought of making nearly 10 dozen was a seriously daunting task.

Now, if you’ve ever made cake pops before you know they are a process.  A long, labor and love filled process.  It’s tedious.  It’s tiring.  Did I say it’s a long process?  Because it is.  I’ve gotten many emails asking how I perfect mine, so hopefully one of these days I can get around to helping you all out.

Here’s how it happened: one of my dog park friends was organizing a party and asked if it was possible to get 100 cake pops.  My first thought was, “ONE HUNDRED???  Do you know how long that will take??”  And then the second was, “But that’s the week I’m in Syracuse…”

So since I would be returning in time for her party I decided to take on the task.  I would make the cake pops in Syracuse and then transport them down with me.  This literally took DAYS and three full sheet cakes to complete, but I dominated those cake pops.

Just a small amount of the cake pops ready to get packaged:

There they are, all 100 of them ready for delivery:

Oh but wait- don’t forget I was watching a two year old this whole time.  Do you know how much a two year old wants to shove all one hundred of those cake pops in her mouth?  SO BAD.

I held out for the first couple of days distracting her with fruit.  There was no way I was going to give this kid additional sugar.  I finally made a toddler-sized cake pop for her and let her go to town. 

I promise, it’s actually a super small cake pop:

I left Syracuse with 100 cake pops, feeling exhausted and accomplished.

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