Homemade Stromboli

This may come as a surprise, but hubs actually does the majority of our cooking.  I’m a lucky lady having a man that feeds me so well.  But don’t cry for him just yet- I do all the dishes and made him official tester of my cake pops.  And since we’ve moved into our new apartment with the dishwasher I’ve been extra good at doing the dishes.

Load, fill soap, turn on.  Just call me Martha Stewart.

One of hubs’ specialties is stromboli.  I love every time he comes home from the grocery store with all of the meats and cheeses for the dish. 

Oh yea, did I mention he also does most of the grocery shopping as well?  But that’s mostly because he doesn’t trust me to not fill the cart up with overpriced snacks should he let me grocery shop alone.

Brady loves to be underfoot while we’re in the kitchen.  Because there’s so much space and all.

How cute is hubs??

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