Lesson Learned

Back in the days of yore (also known as when I was in Elementary School) I went to school where my mom was a teacher.  This had benefits like not having to ride the school bus, but also had downfalls like when I got called to the principal’s office for playing a practical joke on a classmate my mom also got called.

I still hold the joke was pretty funny.  Kids can be such wimps.

In the second grade I actually had my mom for a math teacher, and I still to this day remember two things about her class:

1. She would not sign my papers that required parent signature when I would mix up the “g” and the “n”.  She would say, “I will not sing to your paper” and hand it back to me.

Lesson learned.  I now know the difference between sign and sing.

2. She would not accept answers to word problems if you did not label the answer with a unit. 

4 bananas, 3 quarters, 13 students (you get the idea, right?)

So imagine my surprise when I was on the phone yesterday placing a catering order and one of Jean’s lessons slapped me in the face:

Me: I need to change my order from 8 to 9.

Catering Person: Okay, 8am to 9am.  See you then!  Click.

Me: (ring, ring, ring) Hello?  I was just on the phone with you?  When I said I need to change my order from 8 to 9 I meant people, not the time.

Lesson learned Jean, lesson learned.

And in other news, here’s Jean schooling me on how to ride a bull:

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