Frederick Restaurant Week

Last weekend I headed down to Frederick to enjoy Frederick Restaurant Week.  My coworkers were all, “Going down there for any reason?”  And I was all, “Why yes I am: Frederick Restaurant Week.”

Yes I live in New York and we have more restaurants than I could ever imagine dining in, but who doesn’t love to drive five hours for a hometown restaurant week?

The long weekend started with my car battery dying and me not knowing another soul in NYC that owns a car to come jump it.  Luckily hubs could step out of the class he was teaching IN MEXICO to give me the phone number for insurance. The frantic call to insurance roadside help sounded something like this:

Insurance: What’s your policy number?

Me: I don’t even know who my insurance provider is, better yet a policy number.

Insurance: Okay…. I can help you with that.

The rest of the weekend was as normal as can be.  That is, if you call buying out a girl scout stand of all their cookies, rescuing a runaway dog and buying enough fabric to make a fire themed outfit for The Hunger Games premiere a normal weekend.

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