Conversation Between Mom and Dad

My parents discuss which of my New York apartments they hated the most:

Mom: I think your worst apartment was that duplex in Hell’s Kitchen that was just renovated, but you had to go down the spiral staircase to get to your bedroom and it was too narrow to fit any furniture down so we had to bring it out through the backyard.

Dad: No, I think it was that one on the Upper East Side.  The one in that doorman building that had a really tiny bedroom but had that really big living room.

Me: Okay, you guys are not making a very convincing argument on why these apartments sucked.  Everything you just named is an AMENITY in New York.  Duplex?  Backyard?  Doorman?  How did neither of you mention that six floor walk up on 14th Street with the slob of a roommate and the mouse that took up residency in the wall?

Those two sure have some odd standards in apartment living.

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