You Didn’t See that Coming?

Friday hubs and I took Brady to a friend’s house for a doggie play date.  You do know we’re obsessed with our dog, don’t you

We’re all relaxing on the couch with one dog next to me and the other next to hubs.  At this point the dogs began showing some interest in each other and started play growling at each other from either end of the couch.

That’s when Cooper decides it’s time to full on play with Brady and leaps over hubs and myself to get to Brady.  And spills hubs’s red wine all down his shirt. 

Now hubs was a wee bit tired from weeks of travel and starts a whining a sad little whine that went something like this:

Hubs: Ughhhh.  My shirt!  Ughhhh.

Me (laughing hysterically): Come on.  You didn’t see that coming??

Literally as soon as the question left my mouth the dogs jumped back across my lap spilling my glass of wine all over myself and the couch.  Luckily I found the humor in it.  As did hubs who promptly asked, “Really?  You didn’t see that coming?”

Well played dogs, well played.

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