Our Very First Outdoor Space

Hubs and I are so so excited about our very first outdoor space all our own.  It may only be four feet wide by eight feet long but it’s all ours.  In New York this is a big deal.  Trust me.

I would just love to talk to these people in rural America that I see on House Hunters who complain because they’re not sure if their dining room furniture will fit in their mini-mansion of a home.  Live in New York for a year, then we’ll talk.

Back when we were apartment hunting we were the first people to tour our brand spanking new apartment complex and we specifically chose apartment 3B because it was the the first unit in our walk up building with both a dishwasher and balcony.  Again, trust me: these are big deals in New York.  The first and second floors don’t have balconies due to NY laws and the fourth floor just seemed like too many stairs for us to climb.

Luckily for us we snagged the best apartment in the building.  Over sized dog and all.  Last week we got a glimpse of beautiful spring weather (which has since disappeared) but it inspired us to get our butts into motion and put some furniture on the balcony.

Here’s a glimpse of the sad before (along with an air conditioner we had stored on the balcony all winter):

Hubs and I spotted these wood floor tiles at Ikea and immediately decided they would spruce up our outdoor space:

I have to hand it to hubs- even though we made all decisions together this was really his work in progress.  After he laid all the patio tiles, cut them to size and arranged them to perfection he then assembled our new balcony furniture.

Did I marry a good one or what?

Brady watches as his daddy assembled all the furniture:

Stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll show you the final result for the tiniest outdoor space you ever did see.

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