Balcony Before and After

I can’t even express into words how excited I am to have this tiny little balcony to enjoy cocktails in the evenings.  Hubs and I are giddy like a couple of school girls. 


And after:

(Anyone spot a dog ear in that last picture?)

Wood tiles are from Ikea and the teeny tiny patio furniture is from Target (currently on sale!).  Not pictured are the lights hubs hung above our patio.  We’re still on the hunt for some planters and candles, but at least we have somewhere to sit and enjoy a cold drink.

In fact, last night we had some mildly warm weather so hubs and I sat out there for the whole night just chatting and enjoying each others company. I think that was the first time ever that we’ve come home and not immediately turned on the tv. Now those are some changes I can get behind.


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