Arts and Crafts

I recently had a meeting with my company’s HR department and when asked what my ideal job would be I replied, “arts and crafts”.  Luckily I work for a very creative company and there’s more than enough room for getting artsy.

So a couple of nights ago when I was sitting at our table cutting out the silhouette of my dog’s head out of glitter paper I realized how little I had been joking.  I could definitely do arts and crafts for a living.

Living in New York I’ve learned to not take any spaces for granted.  I literally said to hubs last night, “Oh!  Here are a couple of inches we’re not using!” as I was re-arranging some dishes in our kitchen.  It’s that serious.

And that’s how this little awkward wall space became the spot we keep Brady’s leash.  There wasn’t room for anything else so I convinced hubs that adding a silhouette of our boy would polish it off.  I’m pretty sure he thought I had lost it when I came home from the craft store with some gold glitter paper, but I think in the end he agreed I was right.

Like always.

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