Easter in Pictures

You may remember my cousin Caroline from this post.  She’s the one who was forced to dress identically to me for our first six years of life.

She recently got a weighted hula hoop which turned out to be quite the Easter Sunday event.  Caroline’s what we call a pro.  She can drink, hula hoop AND talk on the phone at the same time.  We’re in the presence of greatness, ladies and gentlemen. 

Jean even got into the action.

Caroline and I had been chatting about how ridiculous it was that our moms dressed us identically for every holiday until we were nearly in middle school when the idea struck that we switch out of our Easter best into matching outfits to play a gag on the twins.  The whole family got quite a good laugh out of it.

I love having such a huge family that spends the majority of family get togethers doubled over in laughter.  It’s the good life.

PS. Tonight I find out if I’m going to be an aunty a niece or nephew.  I’m pretty giddy waiting for the results!!

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