Lonely Boy

If you don’t think that animals have emotions I dare you to spend five minutes with Brady before hubs leaves for a business trip.  As soon as he sees that suitcase come out of the closet he starts getting all panicky.  Then when hubs answers his phone when the car service calls to say they’re downstairs he starts losing it.  Full out crying, whining and following us around like a shadow.

Brady spent our first night while hubs was away waiting by the door the entire night.  It’s basically the saddest thing ever.  In the history of the world.

I can’t help but give in and give my sad little man whatever he wants when hubs is away.  But really, that’s not much different from a normal night.


  1. You should watch Hachi! It’s one of the bet dog movies I’ve ever seen! On the plus-side, Richard Gere stars in it!!

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