Kitchen Mini-Makeover

I realize I’ve never actually shown you our kitchen, and that’s mostly because it’s a tiny nook in the corner of our living room.  Hubs and I actually prefer the nook in the corner over our old kitchen which was a galley down the hall on the other side of the apartment.

I mainly like it because I can bake, watch tv and have air conditioning all at one time.  It’s the small things.

So when hubs and I got a burst of inspiration to take on a couple DIY projects, painting the outer wall of our kitchen was one of them.

The paint job definitely helps define the one big room into two separate spaces.

We actually ended up using the paint that we bought for our last apartment so this paint job cost us all of $5 for a roll of painter’s tape.  The difference is only oh so subtle, but I think it helps make our cookie cutter apartment just a little bit more custom.

(PS. I’ve been meaning to change out that fabric on the island and possibly give it a paint job, but it’s not currently at the top of my priority list.  White wine currently occupies that spot.)

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