World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Growing up my mom, sister and myself would make cookies every Sunday after church.  Mom would put out the butter before we left and it would be all nice and soft when we got home.

This was before Kitchenaids took over the world and sister and I would take turns using a fork to mix the ingredients.  And of course sneak some dough when mom wasn’t looking.

So after hearing a ton of great things about this NY Times cookie recipe I decided I needed to give it a shot.  It’s definitely more complicated than the one I’m used to making on the back of the chocolate chip package, but it was oh so worth the hassle.

The main differences: you use a mixture of bread flour and cake flour and need to refrigerate the dough for 36 hours.  Yes, it’s tedious and time consuming but give it a shot.  Your coworkers will thank you.


  1. These were such a big hit at the office!

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